Monday, September 10, 2012

Plentils Review and #Giveaway

In June my son became very sick with an illness that we still have not been able to figure out. Since then I have started to change a lot of the foods we eat. We found out that my son has some food allergies that we did not about before, so finding foods that he can eat has become a challenge. I have decided to eat more gluten free foods. I did a lot of research on different gluten free foods but I was still hesitant on most of the foods. I was sure that all gluten free foods probably taste really bad and that my son would never try it.

One day I was reading another blog that is about being gluten free and I heard about a company called Enjoy Life Foods. I went on their website to check out their product and decided to contact the company. The great people at Enjoy Life Foods sent me 4 bags of their new product called Plentils. Plentils are crunchy chips that are made out of lentils.  All of Enjoy life Foods products are free of the top 8 allergens and are also free of potatoes, sesame, sulfites, and casein. The Enjoy Life Foods is gluten free certified by gluten free certification organization, so you can trust that you are getting true gluten free foods.

The Plentils that I received came in 4 flavors dill and sour cream, margherita pizza, light sea salt, and garlic parmesan. I wanted to make sure that my whole family tried out each flavor so each day we would share one bag as a snack. When I opened the first bag I was so scared that we wouldn’t like the taste but once we tasted our first chip we couldn’t stop eating them. The chips are so dang good and I couldn’t believe it the light sea salt was my favorite and I refused to share them. My son now has no problem with trying out gluten free foods and he looks forward to trying out Enjoy Life Foods other products. If you are on a gluten free diet or thinking about go gluten free I highly recommend trying out the Plentils you will not regret it at all.

Extra information:
Enjoy Life Foods also have gluten free cookies, chewy bars,boon CHOCO boom bars, chocolate for baking, cereal, granola, and seed and fruitmixes. You can find Enjoy Life Foods products at natural food stores and conventional grocery stores throughout the U.S and Canada or you can find them at over 20 online retailers (you can find the link Here).
So here is the best part…..Enjoy Life Foods is going to give one lucky winner 2 bags of Plentils wooo hooo just enter below and I will pick a winner.

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  1. Dill & Sour Cream and Margherita Pizza.

  2. Dill and Sour Cream and Light Sea Salt

  3. Dill and Sour Cream and Light Sea Salt

  4. Wow...sounds like they have a good selection of natural foods. Great review. julieann r

  5. Wow, they have a nice selection of natural food! Going to look into them more. Thanks!

  6. My husbadn love dill so I will have to buy some - he always turns his nose up at my "hippy food" as he calls it - maybe I can sneek these by him :)

  7. Dill & Sour Cream and Light Sea Salt! Thanks!

  8. I have known many people who have become very ill (myself included) and gluten has been the cause. This sounds like a wonderful company and the products very tasty. I am going to bookmark the site and will be sure to check out all of their products and send the link to my friends that have food issues.

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Wow! What an incredible brand - never heard of Plentils before so I'd love to give them a try! My pick would be Sea Salt & Dill Sour Cream! Thank you -Georgiana

  10. I would probably have to say I would choose the Garlic & Parm and the light sea salt. I have never heard of Plentils before.
    I have been resisting Gluten Free ever since I found out is a blessing for those with severe R/A, but I guess if I find something that actually tastes good, it might be a little easier to take the plunge.