Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Special Day for Pregnancy and Infant Loss

Many people do not know the horrible loss that my husband and I had to go through the year before our youngest son Elyjah was born (he is 2 and a half now). My husband and I had tried for many years to get pregnant and it just never happened so I had given up on it. One day I was having horrible pains and it turned out that I had a huge cyst that had taken over my right ovary. I ended up getting the whole ovary taken out and within a month I was already pregnant, however that pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. For the next year I lost 2 more babies before I found out what was causing all the miscarriages. That whole year was a very tough year for me and I know I am not the only women that had to go through this. I became a member of some support groups for women who have lost a child before they were born.
I am bringing this up now because we are getting close to October and in October there is a very special day. October 15th is pregnancy and infant loss remembrance day. I wanted to share this day so people who may not know there was a special day like this can help remember all those little angel babies in heaven. Whether or not you have lost a child please take some time out of your day and say a prayer for all those babies but also for the families who had to let them go. If you know someone who has lost a baby let them know that on this day you will be thinking about them and the child they lost.
I know that having to lose a baby after you have carried it for 6 weeks or 6 months it all hurts the same. If you have lost a child, or know someone who has please share this very special website with them.  October15th.org is a website that has resources on how to heal after the loss of an unborn child or infant.
On this day I will be thinking of my 3 angel babies but also thinking about my son that I gave birth to because after all those losses being able to have him made it so much more special.

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