Saturday, July 7, 2012

Why and How I Use Coupons..

Saving money is something that is very important to me. We are not rich people and we love to be able to provide our children with everything they need and some of the things they want. I enter a lot of contests in the hopes that I can win some of the things that I would love to get my kids. To me this is a normal but some people do not completely understand it. I have had people make fun of me for using coupons or trying to get free stuff. I know some people think what I do is stupid or pointless but I think that paying full price for anything is CRAZY. I realize how much time and energy I put into doing what I do, but when I look at all the clothes I got for my daughter at dirt cheap prices, the free IPod touch I got from a contest, or my huge stock pile of shampoo, body wash, soap, and tooth paste I feel it is all worth it. I haven’t had to buy body wash in a little over a year because I am so stocked up. When I sit and calculate what I really paid for it I jump for joy at the fact I spent so little.
It seems like the city we live in have no stores that offer double or triple coupons which really sucks because I know if they did I would be doing even better than I am doing now. If you are not currently doing the coupon thing you should really rethink it. Even if you only use a few coupons and don’t put in as much work as the people on extreme couponing you can still save a good amount of money. When I first started and didn’t know much about couponing I was saving about $20 every time I went to the store. That $20 adds up my plan is that everything I save from coupons I am going to put into a vacation savings account and see how far I can get with the money I save.
Knowing where to get your coupons is the most important part of couponing. I mainly get my coupons from the Sunday paper, but there are places online where you can print out coupons. The best website for printing coupons is Coupons.com. I find a lot of good coupons from the coupon.com website and you enter your zip code to get coupons specifically for your area. Many of the companies offer coupons on their website or I you contact them most will send you coupons for their products.
I know many people think that cutting coupons is pointless or for people who are cheapskates, well I am very proud to be a cheapskate. All the money I have saved has gone to things for my children and to making my house a home. I know that we do not have to worry about running out of things because I have a stockpile. I also feel that if you can get a good deal on something and you can afford to buy extra even thought you do not need it you should still buy it and donate it to a program that helps needy families.

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