Friday, July 20, 2012

FemBody Appetite Control Gum Review and Giveaway

I know many of us are always trying to find ways to help us in our attempt to get to our goal weight. I know the hardest part of losing weight is controlling our appetite or fighting off the urges to snack on food when we are bored or just feeling hungry. When I was offered the opportunity to try an appetite control gum I had to do it.
I have been trying to lose weight for a long time now because I suffer from diabetes. I have found that when I am sad, bored, or stressed I feel that I have to eat. I try so hard to not snack but sometimes the urge is just stronger than me. FemBody appetite control 100 gum is a gum that is made from satiereal saffron extract which was recently featured on a popular daytime TV show. In 2010 an eight week randomized, placebo controlled study of healthy mildly overweight women showed that satiereal saffron extract helped decrease hunger, reduce sugar cravings, and reduce impulsive snacking.
The FemBody gum comes in an 8 piece pack at a price of $9.99 and has a mint flavor. FemBody also has Paula Abdula as a spokesperson. Before I tried the product I had the thought that it was going to taste horrible because most products like this do taste horrible but I was so surprised when I tried it, I really liked the taste and it was easy to chew. I tried my first piece when it was a few hours after dinner and right before bed when I usually get that urge to eat everything I have in the fridge…lol. I noticed that after chewing the gum I really didn’t have that urge anymore. My husband was curious about the product I was trying and I thought I would try it on him just to see if it worked with him too. I gave my husband a piece during his usual time that he starts getting the urge and he also had the same results as I did.  If you would like to purchase FemBody you can find it exclusively at GNC, but if you would like to try it for free you enter for your chance to win a full pack through my blog thanks to the producers of FemBody. 

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  1. Sounds like an interesting process, can't wait for the giveaway! Good luck!!

  2. I need that! I usually get those hunger urges close to bedtime and that is the worst time to eat.

  3. I have lost a total of 45lbs just by eating less and exercising more.

  4. I would love to try this as i need to lose weight and i snack when i am bored also.

    1. I do the same thing and thats why i am stuck at the weight i am even though i try so hard but i have started eating yogurt when it gets really bad or sugar free jello