Monday, July 23, 2012

I think I need reality TV rehab....

I think I may have a problem I am addicted to reality TV. Yes I know what you’re thinking most of it is not reality and I totally understand that most of it is stage. I normally do not watch the stuff that seems to fake like some of the car repo shows and a few others. There are some shows that I am really hooked on like Love and Hip Hop, Mob Wives, Storage Wars, and my all time favorite The First 48. Tonight it became very clear that my addiction to these shows has become very serious.
My husband and I were watching one of my favorite shows and when he didn’t agree with something on the show and I didn’t agree with him I got so worked up trying to tell him he was wrong lol. I know it’s just a show but some of the things on these shoes I can relate to and some of them just make me mad. One example of a show that makes me so made when I watch it is Teen Mom, yet I still watch it week after week. The thing with Teen Mom is that they are not showing the true struggle of a teen mom, because these moms are getting paid really good money for being on the show so they do not struggle. Most of these mom’s have better cars and even better places to stay then I do and I am a grown adult. I really feel like MTV is making teen girls want to get pregnant so they can get famous (this is just my opinion I’m sorry if your opinion is different). I am so glad that the show is ending for the original teen mom girls; I really think that the show might have ruined amber’s life because the fame and money went to her head. I hope she gets better now that the show will be over because her daughter needs her.
Sorry if I rambled on I just had to write about it because if I would talk to my husband I am sure it will turn into another heated conversation. 

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