Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dr Sholl's For Her

Being a part of Influenster I was sent a pair of Dr Scholl's for Her. I had a pair of my favorite shoes that i loved to wear but when I did wear them they made my feet feel achy. These shoes are my favorite so for a while I had to put up with the pain no matter what. Now that I have put the Dr Scholl's for Her in them I feel like I could wear my favorite shoes all day. These insoles are great for those of us that have to wear heels even though we hate them because they hurt our feet.

Dr Scholl's are:

Uniquely designed for all-day comfort
Absorbs shock and impact on heel, and helps protect the sensitive ball of foot area
Works great in flats and boots
If you want to save $2 off your purchase of Dr Scholl's you can find a coupon Here.  You can find Dr Scholl's for Her at your local walmart.

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