Monday, September 23, 2013

America's Helper Tour

Since 1971, Helper has been there to help America make dinner. With 40 tasty flavors, it's a Helper in a million ways! Now Helper is taking the quick-and-delicious dinners they're known for on the road with the America's Helper Tour. Each night, 1 million people eat Helper, and the Helper Food Truck is going across America to help the next million people discover Helper for dinner. Try our four new flavors: Sweet & Sour Chicken, Four Cheese Lasagna, Stroganoff, and Crunchy Taco. And keep up-to-date with the tour by visiting AmericasHelper.com!

Our family has always enjoyed hamburger helper, It always comes in handy when we just cant find anything to make for dinner. we are so excited about the new flavors, we tried the new sweet & sour chicken helper and we loved it. The sweet & sour chicken is perfect for when you are in the mood for Chinese food but dont have the time to make it or the money to go out and buy it. We had our chance to visit the helper food truck and we had so much fun trying out the food and meeting everyone you can see pictures from the tour Here

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  1. My family has been wanting to try the sweet and sour! I love hamburger helper because the help me get a fast delicious meal on the table. Hamburger helper has been a family favorite since I was a kid!