Saturday, March 9, 2013

Switch to Sprint and get a $25 Gift Card

I switched to Sprint a few months ago and I must say I am very happy that I did. I use to have Cricket but I could never get good service and you had to pay a lot of money for the phones. If your phone broke you had to pay big bucks to get a new one or get it fixed.  With Sprint if your phone is acting up you take it in to any Sprint store and they will do their best to fix it and if they cant then you can get a new phone.
Right now Sprint is offering a $25 gift card if you make the switch, trust me it is worth it. So if you want to make the switch you can do it Here. Sprint also has a lot of great phones for new customers some of them you can get free if your a new customer. I really love the Samsung Galaxy  note 2, but right now I have the Galaxy S 2 and It is an awesome phone that you can do so much with this phone. Also the family plan is an awesome deal I have 4 lines on my account right now and we have unlimted mobile to mobile and that means ANY mobile phone.

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