Friday, January 4, 2013

Jennie O and wholly guacamole

The wonderful people at wholly guacamole and Jenni O sent me some really awesome coupons to try out Jennie O's new jalapeno jack burgers and to make a turkey burger and top it with wholly guacamole and wholly salsa. This was something I had never tried before so i was kinda scared. First off I had never really tried to make a turkey burger but I had tried them before and I liked them a lot.
My first try at it didnt come out very well..lol but I knew I had to try again. So I set out to correctly make these turkey burgers and after trying severl different was I was able to make them and did a good job at it. Honestly I would trade in my regular burgers for a turkey burger any time. Turkey burgers are so much better for me and my family.
Adding the guacamole and salsa gave these wonderful turkey burgers a wonderful kick. I am a big fan of both guacamole and salsa so this was great idea for a burger.
Now that I have been able to get an awesome gift pack from wholly and Jennie O one of my awesome readers will get the chance to win the same package I did.
Keep your eye out on my contest that I will be posting very soon.

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