Saturday, October 20, 2012

Has Your Child been Bullied?

I know I usually just write about coupons and getting great deals, But today I want to write about something that is really important to me. Bullying is something that gets me all worked up and when the school does not do anything to help it makes me even madder.
I have a daughter who is 11 and now in 6th grade. Since last year when she started 5th grade a group of girls have been bullying her to the point that she made her depressed, at which point I started taking her to therapy. I went to the school and got no help at all I even went to administrative offices for help. All year I got no help at all, the principal even tried to turn it around and blame it on my daughter. I have to mention that my daughter is not like most kids her age she has ADHD and suffers from emotional problems, she is a great kid and pretty much controls herself the best she can. These kids do not understand how why she is different or how to deal with a person with a disability. They used her differences to make her feel so bad about herself. I even went to the principal and explained to him that there are too many kids committing suicide because of bullying for him to just ignore the situation. I let him know that I am a parent that will fight as long as I have to for my children. I fought all school year but got no help, once the school year was over I was happy that she would be going on to middle school and I hoped that these girls would back off. As soon as the new school year started the bullying started up again as well. Part of me thought it was because they were jealous because I always make sure that my kids have nice clothes and with the way I save money and know how to shop on a small budget I always get them nice clothes. Once the bullying started again I went straight to the principal at this school and again now help.
I know that almost every school has a so-called zero tolerance when it comes to bullying, but I feel a lot of the principals are not holding up to stopping the bullying. I know that I am not the only parent right now dealing with this and I wanted to share my story so that I can give you parents the courage to fight for your kids. I went to the school board and the superintendent and called every day and fought every day. Today I finally got a meeting with the superintendent and told her everything that my kids had been through. One other thing that bothered me was that our school was the lowest scoring school in the district. I didn’t want my kids to deal with not only bullying but also not getting the best education. At the end of my meeting the superintendent let me transfer my children to the highest scoring school in the district and the school that really deals with bullying.
If you are a parent dealing with this and can’t afford to just up and move or to put your kids in private schools like me then I want you to fight and fight as hard as you can. Go to the school board meetings, call the school superintendent every day if you have to but get the help that your kids need. If you are a parent of a kid that does not get bullied please take the time and teach your children that not all the kids are the same and some of them have serious issues.  Our children need to learn how to deal and accept children with special needs.
Thank you for reading my story and if you need any help or information please feel free to contact me. 

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